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Card registration and login services are coming soon.

Card Checker

Use this tool to see what tickets are loaded to your XPressCard.

Your card ID is the 16-digit number located below the bar code on the back of your XPressCard.

Here's what we found for card :

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What is the TickeTing XPressCard?

As the Caribbean's first and only 100% paperless ticket platform, our products and services are built to help our users become friends of the environment.

The TickeTing XPressCard is our new tap-to-enter, reusable smart card that completely replaces the need for paper tickets. You can load it with tickets by taking it to your usual ticket vendors, or via the TickeTing Events app (once you pair your card with your account).

ticketing xpress card in hand

How can I get one?

You can get one free whenever you purchase a ticket to any event serviced by TickeTing. Your ticket for the event will already be pre-loaded on your card.

How do I load tickets on my card?

Take your card to any TickeTing vendor, tell them which event you want tickets for, pay your total, and they'll load your tickets to your card. If your card is already paired with your TickeTing account, any tickets you buy on the TickeTing Events app will automatically be on your paired card.

What happens when I get to the event?

Simply tap your card on our XPress Entry pad; that's it.

How do I get my name on mine?

First, create a TickeTing account. Once you have one, drop your card off at the TickeTing HQ on Friar's Hill Road. There is a charge of EC$5.00 for the customization.

Why should I pair my card to a TickeTing account?

When you buy tickets and your card is paired with your account, it's like depositing your money in the bank. Any tickets you buy will be reserved for you, so should you lose your card we can block its use, and you will still have access to your tickets. Pairing also allows you to load your card from the TickeTing Events app, and gives you access to our other TickeTing services.

Can I still transfer TickeTing tickets?

Yes, but cardholders will need to have TickeTing accounts.

What happens if I lose my card?

If you lose your card and it is paired with your TickeTing account, it's not a problem. Log in to your account and flag it as lost/stolen, and it will automatically be blocked. If you find your blocked card, you will need to take your card to the TickeTing HQ to have it unblocked. Unfortunately, if your card has tickets on it and you lose it, those tickets may be gone forever (just as if you lost a paper ticket). To protect against that, be sure to pair your card with your TickeTing account.

How many tickets can be stored on my card?

One million, billion, trillion, gazillion... basically as many as you want.

Can my card hold tickets for multiple events?


Are there any fees I have to pay to load my card at a vendor?

No. You will only pay the advertised ticket price.